Independent administration services to large standalone pension and retirement funds

We specialise in the administration of large, complex, standalone fund administration. We utilise the Everest system to administer all our standalone clients and have invested into this technology to ensure we can offer an efficient and cost-effective service.

Our independence from any asset managers, multi-managers and insurers gives our clients and their consultants the confidence that we are unconflicted and don’t view administration as an avenue to generate income from additional products and services. Unlike some in the industry, we are fully committed to continue offering standalone administration to our clients.


Employee benefit consulting to pension and retirement funds

Our EB consulting service is available to both standalone and umbrella fund clients. We assist our clients by ensuring that they comply with legislation, as well as benefit design, placement of risk benefits, and consulting around investment choices.


Umbrella fund solutions

We offer an umbrella pension fund and an umbrella provident fund. The funds have been designed for simplicity and transparency and are perfect for employers wishing to offer a cost effective, fully co-created retirement solution to their employees. Our standardised fund choice offers a selection of multi-managed funds, passive low-cost portfolios and popular single manager portfolios.

Our funds are open to all consultants for their clients. We allow additional investment choices to be added for larger employers subject to minimum asset and member requirements.

The funds adhere to he highest levels of governance and are chaired by an independent chairman and managed daily by an independent principal officer.


Wealth planning services to individuals

Our in-house financial advisors assist clients with all aspects of wealth planning from advising on discretionary investments through to pensions and annuities. We also offer healthcare benefit consulting and risk benefits consulting to individuals and have access to a range of top rated service and product providers for our clients.


Healthcare consulting

We advise companies on healthcare benefits for their employees across all the large healthcare insurers and medical aids.


Retirement annuities and preservation funds

Our retirement annuity fund is the perfect vehicle for individuals wishing to save for retirement in a flexible vehicle with a wide fund choice. Members can join individually and contribute themselves, or we can offer a Group RA to smaller corporate clients where their employees can all join individually but the contributions are facilitated through the company payroll.

Our preservation funds allow members to preserve their benefits cost effectively if they leave an employer.